At most Norwegian schools, pupils have an excess of clothing. These clothes pile up and are often thrown away or given to the Salvation Army at the end of the school year.

A teacher at Oslo Handelsgym (secondary school), Mette Landgraff, had a great idea. Why not help find a new use for your clothes, create fashion shows, and let the profits go to a good cause? That is, let such an event become part of the school’s annual fundraising efforts to the partner schools that Impande develops in South Africa.

Passionate with ideas

In lunch hour from 11:30-12:30, the students put on a fasion show, auction, and clothing sale. Mette had found several discarded mannequins who were dressed and filled the room. She had washed all the second-hand clothes and received extra clothing for a special auction. An orchestra played up, and who was the first person out in the fasion show? Yes, of course the principal had to show the way.

Row upon row, pupils and some parents showed off various great clothes, and after the show the sale started. Impande’s leader also had a short speach.

In two days school’s parent meeting will be held. Then the remaining clothes will be set for sale among this target group.

An idea worth sharing

Please share this idea! It is both sustainable both in terms of reuse, environment and equitable distribution of resources. If you would like more input on how to carry out such a day please contact us at

A little situational humor

A student suddenly said, this is my jacket! I have looked for it for months. The student was given the jacket back, free of charge! A parent couple generously bought it for this boy who had left the jacket behind!