There is great agreement among professionals that more than 80percent of the human brain and its potential capacities are being developed during the first four to five years of life. Impande has taken the consequence of this in terms of what an aid organisation should prioritise.

In KwaZulu Natal and eastern cape in South Africa, there is an all too high percentage of children at this age stage who are not stimulated as they should and who do not get what they deserve in this important life phase. The backdrop for Impande’s priorities is meetings with the many children with weak family support that during the day is placed in daytime creches that are more like storage sites.

New and better kindergartens are being developed

Impande has built and developed kindergartens. They will give good conditions for upbringing for the next generation. In South Africa they are called Early Childhood Development Sites, ECD or creches. In the photos you will see the latest edition of such an ECD site. They are built in series, by cost-effective principles, and according to educational guidelines. The pictures below are taken from the last kindergarten in the row, Lindokuhle. It is funded by Norlandia Kindergartens. The entire kindergarten costs NOK 150 000.00 , delivered with the key in the door.

In one of the pictures you also see some of the 55 children moving from a moldy shed and into their new kindergarten this last September. We thank the Norlandia Kindergartens for their help and rejoice in the partnership which will hopefully contribute so that many other children in these geographical areas develop their capabilities to the full.

Comprehensive development

We at Impande know that building a new house for the children does not necessarily and automatically contribute to good stimulation of these children. That’s why we have developed several programs that contribute to the overall development of ECD sites. The goal is that all the children that Impande engages in will meet inspired and ready for learning when they show up on the first day of school.

In the image above you will see that the overall package consists of 8 elements: equipment supply, professional development, resource supply and special programs that help so that children with special needs are also met and understood!

Impande challenges you or your organization to contribute!

Between fifty and hundreds of creches/barnheparker have impande registered as very low functioning and slightly stimulating for pre-scoctions. A number of 250 are in a middle-of-the-row concerning quality. And the last 200 work well.

Impande’s partner, NAG, has registered a total of 550 places where preschoolers stay during the day within the geographical area. All these places are placed into a ratio system, that is, a comprehensive plan for status and development needs. This is of course done to use resources efficiently and purposefully. there is a comprehensive social development that is needed in these neglected and bantustan areas from the apartheid era.

Impande is supported by families, businesses and social organizations alike. But there is a need for you and your help!. Impande stands to select your special project that you can support over several years and where you learn how your funds are being used.

Therefore, choose your project and follow the progress over several years!

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We will present various options that can suit your or your organization’s social engagement.

Impande uses only 2 percent of the funds collected for administration costs. We are best at this in the flora of organizations that engage in assistance!