From the summer of 2020, Impande youth can contribute to outdoor projects in South Africa

After graduating high school, young people often take a year off. Several young people have enthusiastically asked Impande if they can contribute to their work in South Africa during this year off. This was not quite simple to achieve. Working in a foreign culture, where children/adults speak iZi-Xulu, is demanding purely communication-wise. Moreover, there are often long geographical distances between institutions where young people can contribute. Young people must therefore be able to drive a car in left-side traffic. South Africa is also a country with a culture where young girls/women cannot move freely alone. Young people, right after graduation in high school, are often not mature and independent enough to be able to handle the cultural differences without significant adult support. Impande has so far had some young people from Norway out in practice, with very alternating luck.

Planned offer for young people who will contribute to impande projects in the summer of 2020

Impande’s partner Siyakwazi, works with children with special needs, children with learning difficulties and/or physical handicaps. Last summer, 2019 Siyakwazi was hosting holiday clubs (“holiday event”) for these children and their families. Young people from Norway are welcomed to contribute at these events next year, i.e. the summer of 2020. Such a stay will last for three weeks: One week of preparation and training. One week’s contribution at the the summer camp. And one week for vacation and leisure if wanted The stay will cost something to be a part of. Travel and accommodation costs, guidance and training etc. Maybe they will also want to bring something to give to these children (and their relatives) that they are going to work with. They are the most vulnerable and neglected in this community.

In other words: Young people are welcome to contribute, but it will require both preparation and financial resources for their stay. If you are interested you can send an email to

Clip art and images from this year’s program

A fantastic start to our first holiday club for 2019! This year’s theme was ‘play’ and we’ve taken a slightly different approach to previous years.
We invited children with disabilities who we work with and their parents to join us for the week. It’s a small group and we want to be as hands on as possible with supporting these children and their parents with new and exciting activities both indoors and outdoors. We’re hoping todevelop the idea as part of an ongoing program that gets parents and their children to the resource centre, accessing support and the incredible pool of resources that our toy library has on offer. We can’t wait to see how the rest of the week unfolds!