In the past week, Impande has met extra proud school principals at all six high schools that we support in Inkosi Xolo’s chieftain area. The exam results (matric) for graduates after graduating have just arrived. All schools have shown significant progress. We ask the principal of Thusi Sec&High School: What’s the secret?

Hard work

‘It’s no secret, it’s hard work. We have the last few years here at Thusi
High brought the teachers to extra classes during the weekends, in the afternoon and
evening, and also developed a new level of ambition for what is possible. This
attitude has infected over to the other schools as well. I’m at school almost 24/7
all week.”
This is almost like hearing a quote from Mark Twain: The secret to success is
hard work. That’s why it’s a secret to most people.

Cooperation and with positive rivalry

We also asked Chief Xolo the question of his explanation of the progress of these schools.
He sees it from his angle and says:
“We have brought in several new principals who require discipline and effort. We have developed a
culture among the six high schools. They positively rival about who
has the greatest progress in different subjects. We combine this by the fact that the principals also regularly
together to learn from each other what creates results.

Progress is making progress

We in Impande come from outside, and contribute in the period 2019-2021 with assistance in the sciences.
Bant else, six new laboratories during this year will be completed for use. Impandes – Wikipedia
strategies related to school development have, in short, been:
 Focus on investment in a limited number of schools over several years
 Invest only where we see that there is a school management that keeps discipline and order and that
will contribute to quality teaching
 Make concrete investments that provide an experience of progress when it comes to
facilities and working conditions
 Measure the results and effects of investments