COVID-19 in South Africa

  • South Africa decided to completely shut down the country from March 27 to April 16. Schools and kindergartens have been closed since March 18.
  • Children from poor homes usually get a meal at school or in kindergarten. Now those few with permanent jobs have lost their income. At the same time, there have been several more mouths to feed.
  • Nutritious food is critical for children’s development, especially at the age of 0-5 years.
  • Impande works in some of the poorest areas throughout South Africa. We have the distribution apparatus and the community’s trust in reaching those who need it most.

The first goal is:

– To reach the most vulnerable children and secure food for the 160 kindergartens in Bizana in the Eastern Cape in cooperation with the food supplier and partner Zero2Five.

– To reach the most vulnerable families in the poorest areas by the Dweshula Drop-in Center. The centre was built with Impande funds and was completed in 2017.

Our delivery package includes:

We reach the most vulnerable children from poor families

The biggest challenge with Corona/Covid 19 is to deliver food and equipment safely to the most remote areas. The only transport there takes place in crowded small buses. These buses are effective at spreading infection, unfortunately. We will bring the food and equipment out to the kindergartens in our own cars. Kindergartens are used as distribution points. A lot of work is done by volunteers.

We need:

– Financing of transport and distribution. That is, support for trusted drivers and coordinators.

– Financing of nutritious food and hygiene products. Impande has developed a network of 500 kindergartens with 20 000 households. We know where help is needed most.


Use Impandes bank account number: 1201 51 98 085 or Vipps 28865