Hanne’s Shelter is a reception and rehabilitation centre for women and families who are victims of violence. Over the past year, the centre has been helping many families and has operated at full capacity since late 2018. Many of the cases are serious domestic violence cases, but the centre is also involved in less serious family quarrels.


The women have shown great interest in bead weaving and have learned the art of creating gorgeous necklaces and belts.

Work on the garden has been slow lately due to the poor weather conditions. There has been little rain and the plants suffer in the dry climate.

The center had a client who is an IT student and who taught others at the center in his subject.

Early Childhood Development

The centre now has the Early Childhood Development corner in operation. Due to the high number of children coming to the center with their parents, it was decided to dedicate a separate room to these so that they have a place to be and to use as a classroom.

Visit from friends of Hanne’s family

The centre has had visits from friends of Hanne’s family and they send their thanks for generous support and donation.

Competence development

New courses and workshops are constantly added with professional content for those associated with the centre. In the first half of 2019, employees and others associated with the centre have participated in a number of meetings and workshops, including health, safety, and gender-based violence.