On the 17th September, approximately 750 students from the second grade at Hersleb VGS, Kongshavn VGS, Hartvig Nissen VGS, and Oslo Handeslgymnasium met at Bislett Stadium. There was excitement in the air. Many of the classes competed in a relay race.

This was a new event called Impandes Book Relay.

Unique batons

Batons were replaced with suitable books. It started with four qualifying heats and then moved on to finals. The students from Oslo Handelsgymnasium ran away with the victory! Congratulations! These 7 students each received their own set of sports equipment.

Many students and teachers from these schools came prepared to sell cakes and mineral water. Around the stands, some students in small groups worked to respond to quizzes about South Africa and the Impande Foundation.

Two students from Hartvig Nissen were speakers that day. At various locations in Søndre sving there were newly aquired Impande banners.
Many enjoyed themselves in the sun, while others prepared for the competition.

The story behind the event

In March 2019, 15 students and teachers from these schools visited their friendship schools in South Africa. They visited Tholimfundo High School, among others. The visit to the school’s library made a strong impression. There were hardly any books, no computers and the whole library building was dilapidated.

“We have to buy books and do something about this library,” some of the students said. A little later, others came up with the idea of arranging a solidarity relay at Bislett Stadium to upgrade the library at Tholimfundo Sec & High School.

More goals

In addition to the social activity, it was also important to raise awareness of Impande’s work in South Africa and motivate students for this autumn’s solidarity efforts and fundraisers at the four participating schools.

Approximately GBP 3 200 came in from sponsors and on the sale of baked goods and soft drinks that day. These funds, of course, go to books at Tholimfundos library. In the coming two years Skullerud Middle School will raise funds for a new library building! A big thank you to them!

Equal right to learning!

This is the vision for Impande’s school-to-school work. We thank everyone who contributed to this pioneer event!