Impande performs extensive development work among children and youth

Impande performs comprehensive development work among children and youth in the Ugu District in KwaZulu-Natal and Bizana in the Eastern Cape approximately 130 km south of Durban. This work focuses on school development, kindergarten development, construction of development centers, training of preschool teachers, professional advisers in social work, law students, training in sewing and the establishment of sewing rooms. So far 49 projects have been completed and transferred to local forces. Impande specifically focuses on giving children in the preschool age what they need of physical and mental stimulation.

Completed projects

Impandes approach to aid work

Impande emphasises competence and knowledge transfer, accountability and development of good habits.

Impande primarily focuses on measures aimed at the younger generation.

Impande thinks holistically with respect to which needs the local township and the surrounding area have. This means, in practice, that Impande surveys needs and focuses on several small measures that together stimulate optimum development.

Impande believes in voluntary efforts both outside and at home. Impande therefore has minimal administrative costs in Norway and we strive to ensure that the locals take care of their traditions when it comes to voluntary efforts and to helping each other.