Contact between schools in Norway and South Africa

Impande has since 2008 driven extensive work on the development and rehabilitation of schools in the Ugu district.

These schools are contributors and partners in this work together with Impande:

Oslo Handelsgymnasium, Skullerud School, Hartvig Nissens Secondary School, Kongshavn Secondary School, Hersleb Secondary School, and Sortland Elementary School.

Impande has contributed with 40 additional classrooms at various schools. A total of 13 school projects have been conducted – here is what has happened at 9 of them:

1. Mthushi High School: New IT Laboratory for 24 students with funds from Blindern High School.


2. Mcushwa High School: A new IT lab for 24 students and a new school wing with two new classrooms were built – all with funds from Blindern High School.


3. Imbizane Primary School: New kitchen and new library.


4. Ikwezilokuza Primary Shool: Total renewal and expansion of the school. Four new classrooms, new office buildings and rehabilitation of 6 classrooms.


5. Mlonde Secondary School: New laboratrium and IT lab. 35 scholarships are given to pupils at this school.


6. Mphelelwa Primary School: New school wing for Grade R (kindergarten) with funds from Blindern High School


7. Jerico Primary School: New Library and 16 new classrooms with funds from Blindern High School.

8. Mhlanbe Mhlangeni Secondary School: New school wing, four classrooms for Grade 10-12 – all with funding both from OHG and Blindern High School.

9. KwaMa Soscwha High School: Total rehabilitation and development of the entire school. The school has 1100 pupils and works well today.


Impande wants several more Norwegian schools to enter as partners in the work of giving young people in KwaZulu-Natal a better school life!

Please contact the Impande leader Rolf Olsen or Hanna Norum Eliassen for further information.