Become an Impande Sponsor

Impande has chosen a collective sponsorship scheme. The unfortunate reason is that individual sponsorships, as practiced in many aid organizations, is easily characterized by the recycling of reports and marketing of your child to many donors in several countries.

Impande’s sponsors all support the children in the kindergartens Impande runs. This is how we reduce administrative costs and provide a more accurate picture of how the sponsorship scheme really works.

As a sponsor, you help ensure that vulnerable children aged 1-6 years are given a bright future. Investing in children’s living conditions and development is the most important thing we can do!

Our sponsors will receive 7 newsletters throughout the year. The letters include news from the projects, glimpses of South Africa’s development and views on philanthropic work and aid forms.

Sign Up

Sign up as a sponsor by sending an email to:

Then pay directly to your bank account: 1201 51 98 085. Include a note labeled Impande Sponsor. The recommended amount is 250,-/mnd., but we are grateful for all contributions.