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Why should I give to Impande?

  • We reach children and youth on a grassroots level
  • Cost effective organisation
  • Has a holistic development perspective of the local community

Impande regularly receives non-earmarked gifts from donors. These gifts are given in confidence that Impande’s assistance is smart and effective. We at Impande use these gifts to realize our strategies for the years 2016-2020. That is to focus on sustainable development initiatives against vulnerable children and youth in the Ugu district.

Impande occasionally receives equipment for kindergartens, football clubs and schools and for children with special needs.

Contribute to Impandes work among vulnerable and vulnerable preschool children!

There resides approximately 15 000 children in Impande’s focus area, and an estimated 3 000 of these are at risk for fundamental neglect.

Use Norwegian account number: 1201 51 98 085 or Vipps 28 865 and indicate on the gift if you want to become a regular donor and an Impande friend.

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Help ensure that the services at Hanne’s Shelter are strengthened!

Use account number: 2280 36 52 361 and mark the gift with: new services Hanne’s Shelter 2019

Help strengthen Impande’sFoundation & Jon Vegard’s Memorial Education Fund!

Use account number: 9365 20 08141

Please feel free to contact us by mail if you would like specifically to earmark your gift for a purpose you have heart for:

Tax Deductions

There are tax deductions on donations between NOK 500 and 40 000. In order to register your donation to the Norwegian tax authorities, we need your personal number.