The Lervåg family started a project in 2016 in memory of their son Jon Vegard, who was killed outside the Government Quarter during the July 22, 2011 attack. The project focuses on the same geographic area that Hanne’s Shelter is located, i.e. the Ugu district. Jon was a lawyer and his parents want to build a center where underprivileged and victims for violence and other wrongs should be able to get legal assistance. More offices will be established for this purpose. There will also be given scholarships to educate lawyers from this area, who will then work at these offices.

Both projects are partly funded by the compensation the families received after the loss of their children. In addition, substantial amounts are collected from different funding sources. That is, donations from relatives, friends, mutual funds, foundations etc. The Norwegian embassy in Pretoria has proved supportive behind these projects, both financially and symbolically. The support we receive from the Norwegian authorities has been advantageous for our projects and for Impande’s work in Ugu district.

We at Impande are proud and humbled to be a central partner in the realization of these two projects.

During the five-year commemorative commemoration of July 22. In July 2016, the families met both Erna Solberg and Jonas G Støre, as well as other ministers and parliamentarians, where they could inform of these projects. The pictures below are from the 5 year memorial to the terror on July 22 and show Signe Berit and Jon Inge Lervåg, where they present the project.

You will find the objectives for the Lervåg’s project below. This fall, there will be focus on strengthening the financial foundation for the project. You are welcome to contribute. Jon Vegards Memorial has account: 3910 43 08574. We have developed an informative brochure about the project. Please contact us to receive more information. or Mobile +47 92 88 96 97.

Project objectives: Jon Lervågs Memorial

  • Establish a legal grassroots office, Impande Legal Office, which will:
    • Support the local tribal chiefs’ court offices with attorney assistance (paralegal support)
    • Help to gain an understanding of police, social worker and other professional workers’ preparatory work and conduct of issues in the judicial system
  • Develop legal competence at the grassroots level through:
    • Scholarship Program to annually bring five educated lawyers from this geographical area.
    • Mentor Program and post-education in both paralegal work and rural law. This will take place in cooperation with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Proveide professional legal advice to NGOs and tribal councils in the area
  • Empower and support victims of violence and other injuries in cooperation with Siyamthanda Women’s Shelter. This is an integral part of Hanne’s Shelter.