A beacon for the most neglected children

The most neglected in poor societies are often disabled, i.e. those who need help the most. Those with the most challenging disabilities are usually left in homes, while children with learning difficulties can still attend kindergartens and schools. But they often need facilitation and other individual support.

Impande works closely with the local NGO, Siyakwazi. Cathy Mater-Pike leads a comprehensive, professional and self-sacrificing work for this target group in the KwaNzimakwe tribe. In 2019, Siyakwazi has 18 full-time employees. Thanks to many gifts from Impande friends the construction of Siyakwazi Center has finished. Impandes sponsors continue to contribute to Siyakwazi’s daily operation. In 2019, Siyakwazi’s work was expanded to several tribal areas.